Mom & Son 3   Accidental Erection

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Mom & Son 3 Accidental Erection

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Mom and Step Son 3 Accidental Erection- the Viagra Incident
You're supposed be getting ready for your Auntie's funeral but you have a splitting headache. Your step Mom walks into the kitchen telling you she's almost ready to go and... why are you still in your pajamas and... watching cartoons!? You explain that you have a terrible headache. Mom goes to the cupboard and reaches up on her tiptoes to reach the extra strength Aleve, she's feeling around while talking and doesn't notice she grabs the wrong bottle. Here, go ahead and just take 2, and then go get dressed. We are already running late.
Later she comes into your room to find you standing there with another problem....a RAGING BONER!!! What are you doing??! She asks. You explain that it just happened and you can't make it go away not even jerking off is working. She suddenly realizes what has happened, runs downstairs to see that she gave you the wrong pill! What's a good step mom to do? She comes back up and tells you she's going to fix this for you.
Hand job leads to blowjob...and its still not getting you close. She pulls down her panties, leans over the chair, slaps her backside and tells you just to do it. Come on baby, its okay. Lets just get done! The idea does sound awesome so you plunge your throbbing cock inside mother. She moans and pushes against you. You are thrusting in and out of mother until she cums. That gets you really close and you tell her that you are going to cum. She turns around and jerks your cock until you unload all over her face. She's not convinced that your balls are empty and sucks on your cock to make sure that her efforts have done the trick. You must not tell anyone what happened...This has to stay a secret. out I know mom, thank you.& She wipes your cum off her face and tells you to hurry up and get ready, giggling as she leaves the room.

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