Clarification about Views and profits
April 06th, 2016

Hi there,

Some of our partners may have trouble understanding how profits are calculated.
For example, you might have a video with such 1/169 views
You have 169 views without profits.
And 1 views with profits.

This sounds frustrating, Right?
But why does it happen?

In fact, just clicking on the play video for one second and then get out of the page will be regarded like watching.
But of course this will not be counted as profit.
Because this procedure may be fraudulent or just robots.
This will lead to inflate expenses and then bankruptcy.

Well, how profits are calculated?
We have a simple and a complex system at the same time.

For example, some videos must watch at least 60% before calculating the profit.
And some videos 40% or 20%.
Do not worry, there are no videos must watch them 100%, because this is very difficult, especially with the long videos.

Also, there are anti-fraud system.
For example, the views of the robots will not be counted.
Also, Views by malicious software and fraudulent multi-IP's will not be counted.
And some other things that can not be disclosed.

We hope that this helps to understand our system.