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10 major changes
July 23th, 2017

Hello uploaders,

Here are some changes that came into effect:

1. Changing profit rates to become per 10,000 downloads/streams instead of 1000 streams.
2. Change the profit rates.
3. Now profits are calculated from embedding videos 100%
4. Now profits are calculated from downloading videos 100% " UNDER TEST "
5. Downloads/Streams are counted up to 1~3 times every 24 hours per IP.
6. For automated Downloads/Streams there is no reward.
7. PPS 50% of sales (pre-approved & special accounts)
8. PPS 10% of sales ( All accounts + 100% PPV&PPD )
9. PPR 5% of your referral ( You do not need a special link, the referrals are identified via your videos. )
10. Premium Accounts via Bitcoin.


Postpone payment
January 26th, 2017

Hello everyone,

Because of the many issues with our third party responsible for the payments, payment will be postponed to next Thursday.

This problem is beyond our control, thanks for your understanding.


Test #2 - Improve your profits
April 08th, 2016

Hi there,

As you know, we count "only one view" for each uploader from the same IP address for each 24 hours. (As is well known in the "Make Money" page)

The bonus system
April 06th, 2016

Hi there,

Several weeks ago, we have to give additional bonuses for some of our members.
Now it will apply to everyone, in the following form:

Test #1 - Improve your profits
April 06th, 2016

Hi there,

Complementing the previous news: Clarification about Views and profits
In order to achieve better profit for all, it has been carrying out the following:

Clarification about Views and profits
April 06th, 2016

Hi there,

Some of our partners may have trouble understanding how profits are calculated.
For example, you might have a video with such 1/169 views

200% increase in profit rates.
November 17th, 2014

Hello Pornvers,

We are pleased to inform you that we have increased the profit rates to 200%.
It is time to make a huge and easy profits.