Just Her And Her Body

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Most people use the college library to do a little research or study session for an exam or writing a paper or whatever but not our girl Mia Khalifa! This bespectacled Lebanese hottie takes a little break between classes to hide in the stacks and show off those huge perfect tits, stripping down completely nude and masturbating to orgasm right there on the floor! This is a very public place and anybody could have wandered through the aisles looking for a book and finding way more than they bargained for, and I think the public aspect of things got Mia super turned on because that tight perfect pussy of hers was dripping wet. Imagine doing a late night study session, heading off to one of the back stacks to find a certain book and finding this exotic beauty totally naked rubbing her huge breasts and fingering her wet pussy with her head thrown back in ecstasy! I can’t imagine you’d go running off to find security…Mia doesn’t seem to care if anyone catches her, either, she’d probably invite them to join in on the fun!

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