Honey Demon, Raul Costa - Foot Fucking Filly - Only Golddigger

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Honey Demon, Raul Costa - Foot Fucking Filly - Only Golddigger

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Our gold digger has broken a heel on one of her shoes. She asks the Guy if he knows a Gucci or Yves St Laurent shop nearby ? He offers to give her a foot massage in his hotel room. She accepts. This leads to sex. Afterwards he makes clear that he does not need a girlfriend who wants 800 euros pairs of shoes - but that they can meet again for sex anytime!

The sun is shining, the Danube looks inviting from the banks on Margaret Island, and along comes our Gold Digger who is limping. She has broken the heel of one of her shoes while partying at a disco. HONEY DEMON looks fantastic, every guy`s dream of a gold digger in a superb full length scarlet dress which matches her red lipstick. Our Guy, RAUL COSTA, is impressed. HONEY asks if there are any designer boutiques in the area? She needs a new pair of Gucci or Yves St Laurent heels. Her rich old boyfriend can be made to pay.

RAUL offers to take her to his hotel close by where maybe its shop might have a comfortable pair of trainers. He invites her to his room for a foot massage as her ankle looks swollen and sore. HONEY agrees

In the room RAUL is soon massaging HONEY`s feet and she responds happily when he takes out his big cock and uses it for his special kind of foot massage. She lets his pour oil over his dick and rub it around her feet. As the slut relaxes RAUL lifts up her skirt and gives her some intimate oral attention. His tongue nibbles on her shaved slit and tight little clitoris, driving HONEY wild. She moans with pleasure as he frigs the whore`s cunt.

Next on her knees HONEY sucks and slurps on his monster cock. RAUL stuffs it into her throat as HONEY drools saliva and gags on the dick. She licks his balls and we have a hot blowjob session. Next the Guy moves our Gold Digger into missionary and fucks the slut hard, ramming his dick balls deep into her juicy cunt. She loves every second. Removing her dress HONEY reveals her new Double D monster tits. RAUL is able to squeeze these giant mammaries and suck on the bitch`s big nipples.

From missionary we are into cowgirl as HONEY rides the fat cock in her pussy. This angle allows us to whack off to sight of RAUL`s large cock hammer fucking this whore. She squeals with delight and duly moves around into reverse cowgirl so that we can see those humongous hooters on her chest. HONEY, it must be said, looks like the Gold Digger from Heaven, every man`s perfect slut.

She is moved by RAUL into doggy position. HONEY`s incredible ass, with globes that would put a Kardashian to shame, are totally natural, fleshy and firm mounds of buttock. RAUL squeezes them and he hammer fucks the whore from behind, his long cock thrusting in and out at breakneck speed. The force of this fucking has HONEY moaning for more. Then we are into spoons with HONEY at front and RAUL behind as he continues to slide his manmeat deep into her gushing pussy. Her tits look fantastic glistening with sweat and passion. Finally HONEY gets RAUL into a position where she can suck him and jerk him off at the same time until he shoots his load of white hot cum over those big motherfucking juggs! HONEY plays with the sperm like the hot whore she is!

She asks the Guy if he would like her as a girlfriend? No way he replies! Why, she says, the sex was great - aren`t I hot enough? RAUL replies that the sex was indeed fantastic, but he does not need a Gold Digger girlfriend who wants 800 euros pairs of shoes every week! She should stick with her rich old boyfriend.....on the other hand, if she wants to meet up with him for a sex session every so often that would be great! HONEY is a girl who knows which side her bread is buttered in life. She agrees - and suggests they have some more sex!

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